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COLOMBIA collection


MY MARACUJÁ is thrilled to launch its 2020 Wayuu Mochilas collection. They became the signature bags of the Brand and we are so proud to support the Colombian craftsmanship. The rich cultural heritage of the Wayuu is carefully woven into each product. These bags are crocheted by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation. The process can take over three weeks to complete, resulting in an object that is not just a bag, but a reflection of deeply rooted traditions and values. To complete the look, we are bringing this season our beautiful new Wayuu Sandals, handmade with the same Wayuu techniques.

Through the purchase of one of these products you are contributing to improve the quality of life of the Wayuu indigenous communities of La Guajira.



Every collection starts with a story... MY MARACUJÁ empowers indigenous women to overcome poverty and become agents of change in their communities. In partnering with Mercado Global, we provide donor-funded business education and leadership programs to help women become successful business owners. With their income, artisans provide nutritious food to their families and invest in their children's education.





MY MARACUJÁ is proud to partner with Manos Zapotecas for this new destination. All MZ products are handmade according to time-honored traditions by Zapotec weavers in Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, Mexico. The purpose is to perpetuate the beautiful traditions of the Zapotec artisans and improve their lives by connecting them with socially conscious consumers around the globe. MZ works with a core group of artisans who design products and are empowered to lead other weavers in the execution of their designs.  




Our collection is handmade with passion by artisans from Cajamarquilla, in the outsides of Lima, weaving on backstrap looms. We use traditionally Peruvian materials, high quality pima cotton, eco native cotton in natural colors. In collaboration with Pais Textil, we focus in the rescue and preservation of pre-Columbian textile techniques and generating a profitable business in fine craftsmanship.



Made of biologic cotton, these must-have tote bags are handy and meaningful.

Ethical is the new black

Ethical is the new black



Behind this exotic, fresh and Latin word meaning « Passion Fruit » in Portuguese, a group of passionate people.

My Maracujá is an ethical brand inspired by remote cultures.

We care about the respect of the artisans and their know-how.

Our collections of clutches and bags are both contemporary and ethnic. Unique, they are the result of the perfect alliance between elegance and tradition.

My Maracujá is an invitation to a journey through traditional manufacturing techniques associated to the European trends.


Trade not Aid



Juliane, Founder

“My passion is to be amazed every single time I meet with artisans around the world and discover the richness they hold in their hands."



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©2016 by My Maracujá. 4, rue Louis-Curval - 1206 Genève